Detroit Real Estate Investing Trip 2012. Part 1

Thinking about investing in real estate property in Detroit then watch this sequence of four videos. Follow our trip around this great city and see how we get on in investing here.

5 thoughts on “Detroit Real Estate Investing Trip 2012. Part 1”

  1. The end result of a Democratic run city for 60 yrs. Has the strictest gun control laws yet the highest murder rate.  City cries for investors since socialism failed them.  We see beautiful neighborhoods with multi million dollar estates why half million dollar estates falling apart.  Anyone out at night better have some kind of protection and escape plan.  I guarantee those wealthy homeowners are packing or have security guards.   Semper Fi

  2. You idiots might as well wear tshirts with "VICTIM" written on them. The residents of Detroit eagerly await your investment in their community. Good luck collecting the rent or evicting anyone. But do pour money into renovating houses so they can be stripped. LOL Suckers.

  3. I hope you got used to driving on the opposite side of the road. Is that hotel the cheapest place to stay in Detroit? Don't you have property you could have stayed in? I wonder could you take one of those huge houses and split it up into apartments to rent out, considering people can't afford the heating for the whole place. Intermittently good and intermittently bad seems to sum up Detroit.

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