Detroit real estate? Good real estate investment or bad?

Many people are attracted to the low prices of real estate in places like Detroit and Ohio.  Are these good investments or are people setting themselves up for disaster?

12 thoughts on “Detroit real estate? Good real estate investment or bad?”

  1. Great Info. First you can build cars anywhere most manufacturing has left it will not be back. There are investors downtown because it is property if you are connected. Most homes you shouldn't take if they were free.

  2. Good investment. I'm about to buy lands the size of Rhode Island. Many company will come back thanks to me. Many jobs. I have people on this project. They're doing a great job. This is excellent news for Americans. Something Obama couldn't do. American motor companies will answer to me if they try to outsource jobs.

  3. billions being invested into the city, major campaigns to remove blight, optimistic people, and president Trump promising to bring back manufacturing. If we can get enough Republicans in the state, we might be able to undo decades of democratic destruction. this may be the perfect time to get into the market.

  4. I sell real estate out of the Detroit area. I think An investment is always a great idea. However, a proper investment is the proper time and money used to execute your business transactions to make a return.

  5. Mike I was really considering Detroit as a market for me to invest in rental properties, but am glad I watched your video. According to google, Detroit has actually lost 34% of its population over the last 20 years. When you factor in all the vandalism in the vacant houses I am seeing online, that market doesn't seem that appealing anymore. All your points are valid, I really needed to hear that. Thanks.

  6. Sorry but no one wants to live in Detroit. Freezing winters, no jobs, highest crime rate and nowhere near enough police and a terrible school system!

  7. Kind of outdated information since the unemployment rate at this time is nearing pre-recession rates in both Michigan and Detroit. Nearly half the rate is was when you posted this video. Great time to invest, and that is not only my opinion but I speak from experience. The pool of tenants has improved tremendously.

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