Detroit Investment Homes 3 – Where NOT to Buy!

Thinking about buying in Detroit? It’s harder than you might think. 90% of the homes available for sale are in bad, deteriorating neighborhoods. It seems like a good deal now- but wait until you try to keep it rented! Property management in these areas is notoriously difficult and expensive. And, want to sell it a few years down the road? Not in these neighborhoods. If it seems like too good a deal to pass up – you should probably keep looking.

17 thoughts on “Detroit Investment Homes 3 – Where NOT to Buy!”

  1. This is why they want you & others to buy these houses so they can be fixed up & the area made nice again!It happens one house at a time!

  2. Things sure have change. Its still a buyer's market, but in about 4 years it will be a seller's market. Beautiful homes throughout the city are being snapped up!!!

  3. Wtf!! Was that gunshot I just heard??? Who wants to invest in the neighborhood jam packed with niggers?? No thanks regardless how cheap it is!

  4. That's not a gun shot. That's a fire cracker. Smh I guess you really have to be from Detroit to know. (Yes I live there)

  5. When I lived there many years ago. The 12 year olds and under would burn down homes for fun, istead of playing with toys they did this. You were grown up and on your own at 16.

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