Denver Real Estate Investing, deplex, triplex, apartments, housing

Want to learn how to buy investment properties (duplex, triplex, apartments, housing) in Denver Colorado. Brian Richardson with is an expert in single family to multi unit investment strategies. Brian can help you buy, sell, rent and analysis all types of investment properties. Brian is a real estate consultant and help his client buy the right property for their needs and works with them after the purchase to help the investor manage the property in the most profitable manner. You can search all investment properties on his website at Contact Brian at 303 618-8470 or

5 thoughts on “Denver Real Estate Investing, deplex, triplex, apartments, housing”

  1. Great video back then and still today a duplex is a good deal in Denver. Check out video on 6 ways to get into a duplex or triplex.

  2. i am a first time investor who is expecting a inheritance. I am weiging in my options whether to buy a family home or invest in a duplex, triplex or fourplex…any advice would b greatly appreciated.

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