Dave Ramsey’s Real Estate Principles

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20 thoughts on “Dave Ramsey’s Real Estate Principles”

  1. Would love to live on a lake LOT but here their are to may rules and regulations. That being said I bought 12 ACRES in the bush not far out and built a very nice cabin that I could live in for half the price and that includes all the taxes your hit with owning on a lake or pond.

  2. I hate that he rambles about location and curb appeal then in the last 10 seconds throws down things that he should have actually talked about like title insurance.

  3. Im 35…been renting for only 503 a month and ive paid around 40,000 for the amount of times ive lived here. I wish i had bought a house..

  4. Dave has played the real estate game before he knows. for more information see the Housing Lesson.

  5. Renting in NYC is just as expensive as a mortgage. Sorry, where you live does make a difference. The places that are dirt cheap are not safe. In Brooklyn, the median rent price is now $2850. Sure you can move farther out, but what quality of life do you have when you're commuting for 3-4 hours a day?

  6. This guy is a gem. I need more. Dave delivers. He teaches in a style that holds nothing back. I gotta' start following Dave's ultra-sensible recommendations. I laugh out loud at Dave's jokes too !!

  7. LOL at the country house thing. You should see the POS houses in Los Angeles where they added rooms or made a small single family home into a duplex with no permits. Hilarious

  8. You know that the people who invest your money in the stock market are called brokers? that's the dumbest argument I've ever heard.

  9. Broke, desperate and stupid – that's awesome. It's true. The roof needs repair, the hot water heater needs to be replaced. Your stove and fridge, washer and dryer goes out. Air and Heat also can go out. Expensive to own a home, then you have insurance and taxes.

  10. Back in 2013 people kept saying, "you gotta buy a house now. prices are going to go up a lot, and rates are, too."

    If rates rise sharply, then how could prices? There's less money in the market since less people will qualify to borrow.

    Anyway, I did buy, but on a good deal, not one I rushed into

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