Cost of Living in Savannah GA

Cost of Living in Savannah GA

Thinking of moving to Savannah and wondering how much it costs to live here?

Today I show you where to find out how your quality of life will compare here in Savannah if you move here.

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Five great areas in metro Savannah where people love to live:

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7 thoughts on “Cost of Living in Savannah GA”

  1. Thanks for watching this week's video. What would $240,000 (the median home price here in the metro Savannah area) get you where you live?

  2. Great Video! We were lived San Diego, CA for 20 years, retired from the military and now in Atlanta, GA. Doing pretty dang good compared to our western friends:)

  3. I never realized Savannah was that small! We always go into Savannah when we visit Hilton Head and I just assumed it was larger. Who knew? 🙂 Great video with great info!!

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