Cerro Azul, Panama – Panama For Real, Episode 5, 2013 Video

***UPDATE*** The Ginger House B&B mentioned in this video has been sold and is no longer open for business

http://www.PanamaForReal.com. All about Cerro Azul, Panama. We’re hitting the streets of Cerro Azul, the closest mountain community to Panama City. You’ll learn all about the cost of living, infrastructure, entertainment, medical facilities, and all other info about living in or visiting this town. Don’t forget to check out www.PanamaForReal.com to access the written report and to see all kinds of other great info about living in Panama. Plus, subscribe to our Youtube channel to get quick access to all of our other PFR videos.

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6 thoughts on “Cerro Azul, Panama – Panama For Real, Episode 5, 2013 Video”

  1. i have a great house for sale in cerro azul 4 bed 3.5 bath appraissed $176000 will accept reasonable offers
    negotiable aslo has furnished bedrooms and appliances contact owner direct ssalsero@hotmail.com realtors paid 5% also have finca of 27 hectares $9 meter

  2. My mom and dad have a property next to one of the Melo properties on the top of a hill overlooking a lake and way out in the distance at the horizon you can see the ocean. The weather is perfect and the view is breathtaking, and it's so peaceful and at night you can see so many stars and… I could go on. I love going there and go every opportunity I get. I would love living there. There are some good restaurants there that are pretty reasonable that offer some good Panamanian home cooking. Thanks for posting this video.

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