7 thoughts on “Cary North Carolina”

  1. Yea… used to be a great place to live. Now, with the influx of people moving from the "Big City", to "Small Town" Cary… Cary has morphed into the Big City that so many have fled. Traffic and aggressive drivers in Cary and Wake County has become unbearable, New occupants of the area find themselves in turmoil with a School System that will shift students from one school to another each and every school year (and good luck with that school bus ride! So yea… come move to Cary

  2. Cary is a wonderful place to live – provided you can convince people that you're actually not clutching your pearls in horror at the prospect of little Kirsten and Logan having to attend school with the poor and black children that aren't even residents of North Carolina's version of Stepford! And don't forget to put the furniture rental store on speed dial for those pretentious new money dinner parties where you must not let anyone know you can't afford furniture for your overpriced McMansion that has more garbage in the walls from its construction than the local landfill!

  3. Great place. Been here 22 years. Be aware newest growth is quite a ways from Cary 'proper'. Closer in has become exceedingly dense.

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