1. I remember 4 finger bag0weed mexican flowertop for $25 and oh yes in 1911 you could buy a bottle of colla with 2 grams of blow mixed in for 2 cents… really dude…

  2. Glen you should check out a coin called populous PPT it's an invoice factoring token invoice factoring is a 3 trillion dollar industry it is live and doing invoice auctions on its platform potentially could be huge in the future

  3. Glenn, do you take Viagra, they say that it is good for guys with back problems? They say that when you've got it up, that you forget about you're back pain and that you are getting you're back excercises done, all at the same time.
    Anyways, back to eco businessI I have my 1500 ounces of 9999 silver maples and have aquired 3 ounces of 9999 gold maples for under $4,800 cdn. for the month of September 2018. Life is still good, don't have a sore back and get my rock's off once a week!

  4. Would be interesting to compare prices in 1918 versus 1968 since both occurred during a gold backed system (albeit not exactly the same after Breton Woods). That would seem to show a real measure of inflation. I’m not sure you can even call the big price rises after 1971 “real” inflation since it’s divorced from real money (gold). It’s more like out and out theft. Thus even though we’re in a natural deflation cycle (according to Dent’s spending wave theory), which is usually bad for gold, we are not a gold standard anymore so the normal rules don’t apply. Eventually it will be great for gold since we are compelled to move back to a gold standard again. Thus my harping on not obsessing over inflation (which is meaningless for the global reserve currency) and instead focusing on how deflationary it will be under the new gold standard. Canned ham might be 79 cents a pound again but it will in US Treasury currency that you had to trade in 10 dollars of Fed Reserve notes to get 1 Treasury dollar. Sorry I’m rambling, hope I’m making sense.

  5. Your affinity for all things money appears to have begun at a really young age if you can remember food prices from 1968. And sad to say … most of the Piggly Wiggly grocery stores went out of business a few years back (in SC anyway). They were a staple for so long.
    Hope you and yours come out ok when Canada's bubble completes its pop. A number of my family members are still suffering the consequences of the housing disaster in 2008. And the worst is yet to come? Don't want to think about that today. Will think about that tomorrow. Enjoyed your video. 🙂

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  7. Your country is ran by a sissy Marxist feminist who wears prosthetic eyebrow fillers and very likely is Fidel Castro’s son. He refuses to renegotiate NAFTA unless gender neutral language is used which is impossible because the Spanish language uses gender based nouns. You’re lucky you haven’t been conquered.

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