California Housing Bubble Bust? L.A. Home Prices Drop More Than 8%

Another big home price drop hits Los Angeles from October to November 2017 which could be another sign that the housing bubble is topping. Other forces, however, are also at play which could shift the momentum of home values in the other direction once again. (see below for links to sources of the data presented in this video)

Los Angeles Home Prices and Sales Decline:
Tax plan boon to landlords:
Americans all time high debt:
Home insurance risk zones:

15 thoughts on “California Housing Bubble Bust? L.A. Home Prices Drop More Than 8%”

  1. it is just because of the season. near end of year holidays to Feb., housing prices are like this. I was trying to buy a house in 2016, I saw this. no big deal. seems like you were not familiar with the cycle

  2. I'm getting my 2nd home soon thanks to bitcoin.
    2018 will be interesting.
    I hope to get my 3rd in 2019
    I believe I could go from $10k to 45-50k with crypto in 1 year easily.

  3. The Chinky fuckers are unloading their worldwide real estate holding amass to stave off bankruptcy due to their collapsing real estate market in China you dick!!

  4. is it seasonal ? I am a real estate broker. Many sale in a few days or a week , Wait since the fire Dec 5 everything slowed, we had fires everywhere, so what area of ca. anyhow with Christmas too, we shall see,

  5. It drop 8 percent for the last few months after increasing 50 percent for the last few years. Big deal.

  6. What is your take on SFH's in the Antelope Valley (1-3 acre horse, chicken stuff)? SD is sweet but $$$..
    Following you from SF, like your regional analysis and waiting it out. Thank you.

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