Buying Commercial Real Estate without Bank Loans

Discover how to buy commercial real estate without using bank loans. You’ll learn about creative financing techniques such as master leases, seller financing and installment sales. This is a must watch video for anyone interested in commercial real estate investing.

20 thoughts on “Buying Commercial Real Estate without Bank Loans”

  1. You are a breath of "fresh air." I wish I knew about you years ago,. Better late than never. Thank you for the information. You deliver in clear ways that is so encouraging.

  2. Good video, but I'm curious what happens if someone defaults on one of these deals. Say a 2nd mortgage. What happens, who stays above water?

  3. Thank you for such a great video.
    Also have a question : There is a commercially very unattractive property in high distress over years located where the homeless hang out. It's never been listed on the market for sale, just sitting there unoccupied for several years. I would like to turn this distressed warehouse into an education center that teaches the history of the town for local children and community. I've found out from County assessor that this property is free n clear and is currently co-owned by family members (elderly parents and a daughter) in forms of living trust and a LLC. They are really famous wealthy people, and I am not. Any advise on how I should approach and contact them (email or mail, via CRE broker, etc) and also which structure would you recommend for my case? Once again, thank you and I will keep you updated if things go right 🙂

  4. Lets say the Net Operating Income is $50,000/yr, will a seller ever want to sell his property for $50,000 down payment?

  5. Say I'm a buyer and I find a seller willing to do seller financing… who takes care of the paper work and process? an attorney, CPA, real state agent? and who pays for that?

  6. I am a older hairstylist who married late in life with an adult daughter and granddaughter. I would like to purchase commercial real estate with living quarters atop. My marriage felt threatened a couple days ago and realeyesd my status and income would go down should we depart. I also realeyesd neither of my offsprings visited much because it's my husbands house. With an apartment atop they or we could stay there when they come to town.

  7. If I am buying a property that has high vacancy and is in bad condition……..How do I work out the deal so that I pay what the seller wants on my terms but also have money to fix up the place to make it rentable?

  8. great video. thank you
    question :I'm working on a deal where I have no contact with seller,the broker does it all.How to be creative in this situation?

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