Buying a House in Las Vegas 3

House hunting in Las Vegas, what kind of house can we get around 150k today in Las Vegas ? meet our first real estate agent.

16 thoughts on “Buying a House in Las Vegas 3”

  1. Great Video – Thank you. I have so much gratitude that I decided not to move to Las Vegas and decided on Tri Cities TN instead. I thought about Las Vegas and Arizona but decided to live near the Appalachians mountains where it is green and beautiful. I It is also cheaper. The weather has miled winter.Tri Cites, Tennessee. So much to see in the surrounding states.

  2. The first house don't seen right with the electricity pole blocking your front view. The number 2424 = sound like easy died or died quickly in cantonese. This agent seen to be good one with all info ready.

  3. I would not consider buying a house in this area. By just the looks of it, it's a crime infested area. Go to Summerlin the west side of Vegas.

  4. If you have seen the LV zip code area crime maps, why do you keep looking in those bad areas? But if you should happen to fall in love with a house (big mistake) before you enter into a contract, please, drive the neighborhood at night and on the weekends especially,  park there for a while and observe the action, you may be surprised at how it changes in the night time. Are you really set on buying a house in Las Vegas, why? Please listen to what others are saying about Summerlin, Green Valley and other much nicer areas, where you will have a much more pleasant life, not worrying day and night for your safety.

  5. If you’re going to buy a house, you should buy one in the best location e.g. summerlin or green valley. You pay more, and you get what you pay for. You should know this, Daniel.

  6. Thank you Daniel. Please show us more of these videos.
    On side note, please consider seriously the neighborhood when buying house.

  7. 根据我在国外长时间生活的经验(当然你比我生活的时间更长^_^),在不大熟悉当地情况的情况下,应当给出3~6个月熟悉当地治安情况和房地产市场。房产情况往往比想像的复杂,不仔细的话会有大的投资损失。至少要看到50~100套房你才能有个比较准确的判断。你看的这几套房都不理想,明显前房主缺乏保养。房产中介的话不能全信,有可能他给你推荐的房子都是很难脱手的房子。

  8. Wow, Looking for a house in the US.I want to look for the House in Chiang Mai Thailand one day.I was living in the US Santa Monica California.And HOUSTON.And I do like Houston Much better than LA. But to honest, I don't like the USA, So much segregation over there.Witch, i don't like it. Sorry to be so direct. Here in The Netherlands we living together.And I love Chiang Mai Thailand.And also Pinang Malaysia, As well.

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