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A lot of people have everything going well for them when it comes to buying a home or buying a car until they get into their debt. A lot of people have debt and you know you have probably issues. But if you have some time before you buy a house, the best thing you can do now besides save your money is to get rid of your debt.

Put a stop to it. Stop opening up credit cards, stop getting student loans, stop spending money and paying back and trying be so creative. You say “oh I can afford it because of debt…” Just pay for what you have. Start using cash. Start doing the things that you know are right. Have the discipline in order to get what you want.

Count up your debt. Know what you owe.
Two Options you have:
Make your own money or 2) Get rid of your debt

3.) Pay it down. Find YouTube videos that teach you how you can save or how to pay off debt. Surround yourself with the people you want to be like. People that have a goal that they have accomplished and that you want to be like or imitate. It’s going to produce in you the proper thoughts. If you have money, why not just wait and let your money sit in the bank. When something comes up, you have the money and if it’s not a total emergency don’t spend the money. You need to exercise your control and your power.

4.) Be on time. Be on time with your payments.
Two things about paying your credit card bills:
There is a payment date and there is a reporting date. You have to know not to spend the money on your card, wait until after they report it and then spend the money and pay back really quick. You have to be really smart and know how the credit games work.

Start owning stuff. Start paying off your debt.

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