BOOM?: China Buying BILLIONS of U.S. Real Estate


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Chinese To Spend Billions On American Real Estate
Chinese buying up California housing
China Moves to U.S. Projects
consumer debt increased in the third quarter by $127 billion


20 thoughts on “BOOM?: China Buying BILLIONS of U.S. Real Estate”

  1. china already owns us. I ducking hate congress yaeh let's send all the jobs to China what a good ducking idea fuck these mother fuckers

  2. In China you can simply not get rich if you are not part or being back up by the local or central communist Government.
    Those so called "Chinese nouveau riches" are either " thieves on behalf " and/or " collaborators in oppression " of their own people in order to receive Government incentives and privileges. 
    Now, they buy their way to the West to escape from persecution & become a third class citizens in the West's society…….Pathetic folks, aren't they ?

  3. Venango County, Pennsylvania –  Anyone who has done a search of real estate in the Rust Belt area of the United States has seen that the prices are amazing.   For the price of a few months rent in one of the larger international cities, you can buy a house.   In places like Western Pennsylvania, Northern Ohio, Michigan, Western New York housing prices are far below what you find in most other places around the world.

    However smart investors are realizing the potential here.  First of all, you're buying property in the United States that is near many major metropolitan cities.   The potential for investment is amazing.  People no longer have to be in cities to work if they can do so online.  Also, with such cheap prices people are seeing the potential for building retirement communities, small industries and other endeavors.

    Within a three hour drive from Toronto, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C. you find home prices that are far below average, but within an easy commute for someone who needs to be near a major city.

    For example, if you do a search in places like Venango County Pennsylvania you can easily find houses for fifty thousand dollars and Victorian mansions for under two hundred thousand.   Some houses go for as low as twenty thousand dollars and less, but require some work.  Still the land underneath these very low houses is worth more to someone interested in investment opportunities.  They are, after all, in the United States and  near potential capitol from the larger surrounding cities.

    This is why the Rust Belt has turned into the Investment Belt, especially with younger investors and people from Asian markets looking for a place to put their newfound wealth.  But, with prices like this, it will soon be "discovered" and the deals will soon be gone.

  4. You let Chinese came to buy properties in the US, why don't your President make a deal with China so we can go buy properties there?

  5. These Mainland Chinese rich people must be forbidden in the US. Their money brought over from China originates either from corruption or producing fake food/ toxic milk powder. I am Chinese so I know. This batch of dishonest business people and corrupted officials

  6. I'm Wondering. I would like to buy land near the sea in northwest washington someday. What website could you use to purchase land. Thanks for the answer

  7. Most Chinese are dirt poor, but their booming industry and exports have created a small class of super rich who have more money than they know what to do with.  They invest abroad simply because there are many investment opportunities available that are safer and potentially more lucrative than investing in China.  When Americans invest in China, they welcome the money and employment opportunities.  When Chinese invest in America, people think it's an insidious plot.

  8. US problems r way too big way before do business with China 40 years ago, now Chinese leaders n people r the 1 help US n West more than whites add together n still spin the story n news to make chinese ones look bad.  Wasnt chinese u folks r starving death, like like 3rd nation at best, every things in US are invented n made by chinese, u folk been living beyond yr mean, broke n unemployment n ungrateful even right now chinese get US moving by buy n build U S up with investment,  development instead put in wast land, citi3s, tiwns or dying US.

  9. I recall in NYC in the late '70s, when the city was nearly bankrupt and pretty HORRIBLE to live in, and it was hard to find fresh food to cook even where I lived in a poor part of Manhattan, people got very leery of groups of Koreans who'd formed alliances, families and stuff, and opened up 24-hour fruit and veg stands.  It quickly became evident that our quality of life was increasing because we could get fresh food and those Koreans did not tolerate any nonsense in their businesses so it was safe to go there at any hour, and the doubts about these "newcomer investors" quickly evaporated.  I saw the same thing happen later in a HORRIBLE part of Brooklyn with Mexicans!  It was great and the neighborhood got way, way safer and better.  I'm over here in France now and where I live, over 80 languages are spoken daily and we get various "newcomers."  There is some trepidation and worse at first, to be sure.  I just signed an agreement to buy a secondary property and am waiting to see what happens.  Good video, thanks.

  10. Susanne Posner reported several years ago that the bailout money went mostly to China; that's why Paulson reported to Congress that without the bailout money, there would be martial law; China realized they had bought billions in mortgage backed securities which were fraudulent and demanded the money or they would 'send their people' to seize the properties. 

  11. America created Dollars out of thin air to pay for Chinese products so can you blame the Chinese for deciding to convert their fake American money into American REAL estate?

  12. I suspect the land buying they are doing will be used momentarily when the come to collect on their debt – and we are the collateral.

  13. What this guy is saying is CHINA is buying up our land- If its this cheap then we should buy it up and keep our LAND here . We look after ourselves.He doesnt care who is buying I do Forget China-This is how they want to conquer-BUY your LAND and keep your country FREE REMEMBER IF YOU OWN THE LAND YOU CAN SAY WHO STAYS ON IT

  14. Very smart from the Chinese. Sell products that will break or go obsolete in a couple years. Use the money to buy land and houses that may require maintenance but will always hold or gain value. Meanwhile we spend all our money on these electronics instead of saving that money for property and they buy the property and rent it back to us at a premium. Great strategy to dominate economically.

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