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Once you have been to the wonderful Baja beaches, you have to expand your realm of exploration into the Sierra de la Lagunas mountians. The Fall is an especially excellent time after the late summer rains. It is then that the cool fresh mountain streams cascade from each of the many canyons on all sides of this impressive mountain range. In this article we will feature the wonderful Boca de la Sierra (Mouth of the Mountains) area just outside of the cute village of Miraflores with means, Look, Flowers!

An hour north of Cabo and 20 minutes north of the San Jose Airport you make your left off Federal Highway 1 at Miraflores. After a few miles you head through this mostly agriculture and cattle town past the church and head a little further north until you see a playground. This is your indicator to scout for the parking area and a clear sign for Boca de la Sierra. The first 50 yards you are wondering whose house you are trespassing by but just keep walking, between the first and second home is a well worn path leading downhill. There is a small open gate made of drift wood and the small river flowing in the valley below. This is your trail to this mountainous playground.

This used to be an fairly hidden jewel but has become very popular with locals and tourists alike. The addition of Cabo Adventures, Outdoor Zip Line Adventure has increased the exposure and the number of people enjoying this area. So don’t be surprised when you are swimming in one of the numerous pools when you first hear a screaming tourist zipping overhead. Fun is being had by all and you can swim up stream to get away from the crowds that mostly stay closer to the parking area. There are numerous pools that cascade down the mountain, the further up you go the quieter it becomes.

We like to bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it all. There are a few authentic family owned restaurants in the area as well. This is a dog friendly swimming area so we always take Oakley. Our followers wouldn’t want it any other way. You can book a tour and have them take care of the details or rent a vehicle and discover it on your own pace.

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