Billionaire Ron Baron: Stock and Real Estate Investment Philosophy

A interview with billionaire mutual fund manger, investor, and founder of Baron Capital Management, Ron Baron. In this interview Ron discusses what he looks for in investments in stocks and real estate. Ron also talks about what he has learnt form his mistakes and views on the bond bubble.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
0:08 What is your investment philosophy?
0:49 Why so many new funds?
3:00 How do you pick companies and real estate differently to other funds?
9:36 What have you learnt from the last 5 years?
12:06 What makes you bullish on stocks?
15:24 What stocks excite you for the future?
25:54 What alternative investment do you like?
30:07 When does the bond bubble burst?

Interview Date: 24th January 2013
Event: Intelligent Investing
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6 thoughts on “Billionaire Ron Baron: Stock and Real Estate Investment Philosophy”

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