Best Loan for Real Estate Investors Discover the best loan for real estate investors. Get the money for renovations, a low down payment, low interest rate and a 30 year amortization. It’s a conventional loan that very few people talk about in real estate investing but it could be the perfect loan for you.

20 thoughts on “Best Loan for Real Estate Investors”

  1. We have tried to get in but can't even get considered. What requirements is there really to the apprentice program? I have the course???

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  3. Such a great video Phil!
    By the way, do you know any kind of loan for non-us investors who are willing to put down up to 50% for the payment?

  4. Is this the 203 K loan? I want to combine FHA loans and 203K loan with 3.5% down. which would be free because of ny city program that offer up to $40,000 in Grants money for closing costs and down payment.

  5. Awesome video, but I have a question for you Sir, how about if I already own a property (triplex to be exact) and want to have a home equity line of credit so I can use that money to invest on other property, what loan do you recommend considering I don't have a great credit score and the property is already pay off, thanks in advance.

  6. Hi Phil and all viewers. Do you guys know any brokers or lenders that will lend this product to a Canadian person buying properties in the US

  7. yeah I hate that seems like everybody had talked to his scaring me one way or another grabbing me by the horns and tell me but I can't I cannot do

  8. What is the best loan to get when i want to pay it off in less then a year? Or if I sell the house and want to pay off the loan fast?

  9. How can you get a loan with out a job or income? I'm saying this not as sarcasm but seriously. I did it once, but on a primary residence. I dont think a lender would go for a "no skin in the game" loan for a person with out a job.

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