Australian house prices keep falling!!!!

A likely tighter lending environment following the banking royal commission is expected to drive property prices down even further, with national house values registering 12 months of consistent losses.

Property consultant CoreLogic’s national home value index showed a broadening of the housing market correction, with national values down 2.7 percent in September since peaking 12 months ago.

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20 thoughts on “Australian house prices keep falling!!!!”

  1. I work in architecture in Melbourne, i can tell you for a fact that developers work off market data from LAST year for current projects that are in design and plan to go into construction in the next 2 years, by the time people can move in it has been 3-6 years since project kicked off.

    Basically there is a 3-6 yr lag between SUPPLY and assumed DEMAND.

  2. ABC News – The big chill: House prices predicted to fall between 10-20%

    these economists like playing captain obvious, I'd say 30-50% at the very least over the next 12 months.

  3. Off the plans collapsing in Sydney bigtime. hearing that people that put down 10% deposit can't get financing and are losing their deposits. freaky.

  4. Im a real estate Agent on the ground active in most of the places you have listed here.
    This is great content, Its a mess out here.
    Thankyou – great to hear an outsiders analysis.

  5. just replying to your question on the framework… just after the GFC in 2008, the regulators in Australia loosened to requirements to become a credit union and reduced rates significantly to boost the economy…lots of smaller banks opened up off the back of record low interest rates but now they want to regulate it now after they made all their cash… every single bank knew what was happening and know whats going to happen now but are just sitting back watching it crumble like they had nothing to do with it hahaa

  6. Australia is the next Ireland. People taking holidays overseas every few months. People borrowing for expensive cars and houses. Wages sagnant. Automation taking over industries, while other industries are closing or going overseas.
    Banks borrowing costs increasing which will mean increased interest rates for consumers. Also the government passed APRA crisis management bail in laws.
    Yeap nothing to see here….

  7. Want to see $100 oil? Wait for the war with Iran. It could go even higher than that.
    An economic recession or depression would put downward pressure on energy prices because it would reduce demand, unless, perhaps, the value of the currency was debased by stimulus/QE etc. Without bail-outs/QE/stimulus, the destruction of commercial bank money by credit defaults in a recession would reduce the money supply, which is deflationary.

  8. All the 'money' printing had to go somewhere! Mayaswell use to enslave the population , now they'll offer a way out to confirm our servitude! Currency reset , helicopter money and 'bodychips' so noone rips-off the foodstamps etc etc etc.

  9. What's so ridiculous about aussie property prices – a country as big as China or north America with a population under 30 mln and average suburban home around US300,000 plus ! It's plain nuts and was the only way our banks made most their money from debtors. Now the party is well and truly over and the mess 'll take at least a decade to sort out if China don't come in and take the lot one way or another!

  10. I don't care – My house, fully paid, is for the use of my family not for speculation. Said that, Australian homes have been over priced since forever. In the US you can and could get the same for a third of the price/ Are they stupid or we are smart?

  11. interesting, i left sydney 7 months ago due to high cost of living.. been living in mexico on the cheap until i figure out where i want go..

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