Apartment Investing for Beginners

http://www.commercialpropertyadvisors.com/apartment-investing-for-beginners/ Discover insider tips of apartment investing for beginners and why apartments are ideal for get started in commercial real estate investing.

18 thoughts on “Apartment Investing for Beginners”

  1. Peter….1st of all, Thank you for all of the greatest videos you shared on the YouTube. I really want to get into the apartment building, but. 1 thing that keep worrying me is HOW TO DEAL WITH THE TENANTS THAT IF THEY HAVE THE WATER ON ALL DAY or THEY LEAVE THE WINDOWS OPEN DURING WINTER TIME. Thanks

  2. Peter, can you update your recommendations now that multiple markets are over saturated and people are afraid of a downturn in the real estate market.

  3. Can i verify the seller's annual realized rental income by asking for their Schedule E from their tax return? I can understand that the expenses on their return wouldn't be accurate, as they could easily pad the expenses on the return, but I would image that the income would be accurate.

  4. One of the best videos I've seen. I'm a seasoned investor looking for my first apartment deal this year. Thank you, sir

  5. excellent job demystifying the processes involved! thank you for the excellent information. Is there oppty for any type of mentorship? I would love the chance to participate in all the steps mentioned prior to investing my own money. thanks!!

  6. Peter,

    I want to review the financials of your first deal that you presented in the video to ensure I heard you correctly. You bought the property for $720,000. You put 20% down ($144,000) but received $45,000 cash back at closing. Thus, your net investment in the property after closing was $99,000, correct? You then stated the property cash flowed $6,500/month. This equates to $78,000 per year. Is everything correct thus far? If so, that means your annual cash on cash return on this deal was an amazing 78.8%!

    That seems unlikely to me. What am I missing?


  7. in NYC we have expensive properties in Manhattan and the other boroughs. should my first investment be in Manhattan where real estate has high rents or should I concentrate in the outer counties ? thanks for your help I'm studying all of your videos

  8. I have my eye on a property that is run down an not in use. it is in the projects. has about 30 or more units. it needs rehab work. we have a 2 year waiting list for pubic housing I was thinking about converting it to that. considering there is such a long list what do you think about it.

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