An Introduction to Investing in Vacation Rental Properties with Matt Landau | Podcast 57

The sand between your toes, the soft roar of the waves crashing on the beach, the beautiful people sunbathing on the shore. If this is your vision of a vacation rental… it’s about to change!

In today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we chat with vacation rental expert Matt Landau about getting started as a vacation rental investor and building a scalable (and profitable) business around leasing rental properties to nightly guests in great vacation areas. Matt shares a ton of great tips, tricks, and skills to help you learn more about this fascinating – and largely misunderstood – niche of the real estate space.

Additionally, Matt shares some really great tips for any landlord to decrease vacancy rates and increase profits in your real estate business, so no matter what kind of investing you currently engage in, this episode is bound to help your business improve!

So grab a beach chair, make yourself a piña colada, and sit back and relax… it’s time to take a vacation!

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2 thoughts on “An Introduction to Investing in Vacation Rental Properties with Matt Landau | Podcast 57”

  1. I sure do like BiggerPockets but I REALLY wish these Podcasts were more to the point, cut out 70% of the Fluff. If anyone has more than an Hour (108 min?) to listen to each of these many, many podcasts, they will never get started RE Investing.. IMO! Thx. JQP

  2. This podcast was very useful. I am thinking of investing in a property in a small tourist town outside Yellowstone Park. I know the area well. I am thinking slightly higher end (quartz, tile, wood, metals) than the customer's home: hot tub (high maintenance, but appears to have positive ROI), a self-pay bike share system with on-board GPS.  

    Two-bed, 1.5 bath house. It needs landscaping, a fire-place and two-bed, sleep six – or more with hammocks. The garage would be the "bike room" – where they can also store their bikes, have a ski-waxing/ prepare to backpack station. I'm thinking couples, families and ski bums may be the market (22 – 50). I like the advice on "taking a year to find your niche", i.e., it takes a year to begin seeing reliable profits.

    Very thought provoking. I have a dream of owning a few vacation properties, internationally. Good point to expand slow. It makes me think I could buy a home in a town nearby, which I know very well, then a second before expanding to El Salvador – which I know deeply. Perhaps Panama, Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica …

    Great tips! Thanks for the knowledge. I'll probably listen again. 

    Does anybody have thoughts on the subject?


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