10 thoughts on “Abandoned Nova Scotia”

  1. For people who are wondering this is “the glass house” in Hampton, Nova Scotia. It’s not for down the shore. But it is tricky to find as my first time there finding the rope was like looking for a needle in the haystack. This house was owned by a man who owned a chocolate factory in Nova Scotia and the house burnt. Sad really

  2. old seaman(fishermen) from home say one can smell home before it is visible…salinity of the water, etc….one also can recognize the sound of the wash on the home shore…good to hear home…

  3. I've been there!! The glass house 🙂 when I went there, the back rooms were not visible then..(couldn't see the doorways or anything like they were blocked off) and there was still glass in the window pain! Hidden up in Hampton beach! Not too far down when walking the shore!! Great video!!

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