A Very Profitable Real Estate Investment Deal – How To Invest In Real Estate For Beginners

So…after posting “My WORST Real Estate Deal” where I shared A LOT of things not to do (from my own painful mistakes lol)…I wanted to share a video on what TO do. I hope you find it useful 🙂
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A Very Profitable Real Estate Deal – What To Do When Investing In Real Estate | How To Invest In Real Estate For Beginners
0:44 – Researching locations for real estate
3:18 – Short sale vs foreclosure
4:31 – Contractor’s lien surprise
7:10 – Due diligence before buying a deal
8:06 – What tenants are interested in
8:26 – How to maximize your rent
10:20 – Why location is so important
14:43 – Economic cycles
17:57 – Be an investor NOT a manager
18:29 – Recap: things you should do

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20 thoughts on “A Very Profitable Real Estate Investment Deal – How To Invest In Real Estate For Beginners”

  1. So, in other words, you floated 37 grand, and will break even in 3 years….I'm assuming you paid cash. Then it's all profit, plus your equity for down the road if you cash out and sell. Problem is, a lot of people don't have 37 grand cash to start with.

  2. Hi Jas, I'm a Realtor in California and I agree with you for the most part especially about Location Location Location… and I even considered buying property in Flint during the recession, then I said, Hell Naw! I'm in Cali but I have family in Flint. Anyway, I just want to tell you that Cali rental property works a lil differently. In most places out here, the A/C and Steal Appliances won't make any difference in increased rent or property value because they are EXPECTED. I guess that's not the case in Mich?

  3. Plumbing and electric are two things people don’t see and almost always neglect when buying property’s which eventually it bites you in the ass, so watch out for those “great deals”

  4. Sure….your tenants signed a lease and they have a legal obligation to pay reliably. But that doesn’t mean they will though.

    That’s why we created a program that will hold them accountable and will assure you that your rent will be paid on time and in full. Please contact us to see how we can help. Rentremedy(dotcom), 1-800-931-0449

  5. Great video. One comment I heard was that upgrading to stainless steel appliances cost $2k more but offers a $20-30 increase in rent. While on the surface the return looks great, it will take 6-9 years to pay back the investment. There may be a chance that the appliances will be at the end of their useful life at that point and may need to be replaced. If that is the case, the upgrade did not benefit as an investment. With that said, Stainless generally makes the place more desirable and may provide more choices in tenants, allowing a payback through having a better tenant choice and therefore, a better tenant.

  6. my best first deal was a property i bought with 125K i rented for a year for 18000 dollars i fixed it with 35k and sold it for 279000 dollars total earnings was about 137000 dollars i guess i was lucky

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