A Tiny Home Village Was Built for Homeless Veterans in Kansas City | NowThis

These tiny homes were built specifically for veterans who are homeless. To volunteer, donate, or learn more about the Veterans Community Project, visit: https://www.veteranscommunityproject.org

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These tiny homes were made for veterans who are homeless.

11 men and 2 women veterans currently reside in the village and will live rent-free while working toward getting back on their feet. Each unit comes with all the essentials, including a bedroom, kitchen, heat and AC.

“[As a veteran] I’m not going to worry about my mental health issue or if I have an addiction issues, if I’m worried about where I’m going to sleep, what I’m going to eat, how I’m going to pay my bills. We eliminate all those things.” Bryan Mayer, the community’s co-founder stated. “Anyone that me have a social anxiety disorder, PTSD — group living situations really are not good for those individuals, and this kind of provides that shelter, that home for them.”

Veterans work with an on-site manager to plan out treatment and social services, like learning how to budget and grocery shop. 1 home costs roughly $15,000 to sponsor one home and the project is funded completely by donations. There are currently 13 homes in the village with 37 more on the way.

Around 500 cities have also expressed interest in building a similar tiny home village in their communities. The next village is set to be built in Nashville.

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8 thoughts on “A Tiny Home Village Was Built for Homeless Veterans in Kansas City | NowThis”

  1. Efforts also need to be made to keep the village safe and drug free. Too many "homeless" communities include drug and alcohol abuse and even violence. I am sure they are taking measures to keep this village safe, but I would have loved to hear their ideas about how to do that.

  2. build a tiny home that has the roof and side of the home lined with solar panels. and wind turbines on the roof and side of the home build the homeless veteran homes next to a river or stream for hydro turbines. and make everything in the home electric, electric stove, electric heater/ac, electric water heater 10 to 20 gallon, it will be self efficient. most homeless are down south and you can build these homes down south where nothing freezes. In these homes there are one hundred percent electric. The home has a small or community water purification system to clean the water, collects water from river or stream or lake, water condensors collect water in the air, and collect even rain water. this will save the state money and help people get back on there feet. and give them shelter. help homeless veterans out.

  3. This is backwards, when the government throw them away in the street from combat, they deserve a fully paid house. And current soldiers must stay in the country protecting our border from refugees and illegals. Government must provide our homeless vets a fully paid house. Amen.

  4. charles byron andrews helped build the place with you guys and the tiny house brothers from what he said. He wanted to take the charity H3 Helping homeless homies and make it a world wide business venture. He is a great guy and you guys should reach out to him. He[s in LA now following his dreams of acting and 50
    3C charitable organizations. keep in touch and watch this guy has got it man…i am telling you guys.

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