$70,000 Home In Beach Lo de Marco’s, Community Sayulita, San Pancho, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit

$70,000 Home In Beach Lo de Marco’s, Community Sayulita, San Pancho, Nuevo Vallart a, Nayarit
Lo de Marcos Real Estate

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The state of Nayarit, on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, is a beach lover’s paradise with a string of tiny pretty towns and secluded resorts guaranteeing your fun in the sun,
Lo de Marco’s, Sayulita, San Pancho, Nuevo Vallarta, Punta Mita
In Lo de Marcos, you will feel the essence of a true Mexican town. Wide, calm streets, colorful flowering trees and brilliantly painted façades accompany patient fishermen as they weave their nets, which they will later throw into the sea located at the end of the paved walkway.
“It is a small paradise on Earth,” expresses one of the inhabitants of this corner of the Riviera Nayarit. Here, hotels and villas of the purest Mexican style will welcome you with open arms.
Lo de Marcos is a town with a remodeled gazebo in the downtown and small businesses and restaurants with delicious homemade food and friendly service.
“The beaches are extremely calm, when the waves break, you can even see the fish,” shares a woman who, for years, has visited Lo de Marcos, where, she says, she has found a tranquil refuge. Bungalows, villas, comfortable hotel rooms and a well-equipped RV park are the lodging options available at this inviting retreat on the Mexican Pacific.
Its beaches, Los Venados, Las Minitas, El Atracadero and Lo de Marcos, are surrounded by green hills and whimsical rocks that contrast beautifully with the intense blue sky and sea.
The scene is completed by visitors that carry out various activities such as beach volleyball, jet-skiing, jumping in the calm waves with children or even fishing off the shore.
Savor some grilled fish in one of the thatched-roof huts found along The beaches of Lo de Marcos, walk along the peaceful streets, and enjoy the delights of the sea and sand in an ambiance of complete tranquility.
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20 thoughts on “$70,000 Home In Beach Lo de Marco’s, Community Sayulita, San Pancho, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit”

  1. Hello I was just in Sayulita found it very expensive and too Americanized,, I found home for 250K ++ can wait to see what you find out, ,Happy safe travels to you both,

  2. Never buy in a community before your live there for an extended period of time (2-3 years). The number one reason is the simple fact that you may not be able to sell the home or land in a timely manner. Do some simple research and you’ll find properties sitting on the market for years sometimes with the seller hoping to find a sucker to take it off their hands. I saw this in Hawaiii and Mexico and I sure it happens around the world. I personally lost a lot of money in Hawaii before moving back to the mainland and I have firsthand knowledge of the “truth” of real estate. Dreams of living in the exotic locations are often times dashed because of many unforeseen circumstances. Rent first!

  3. I rented an airbnb there for a week, it was a cute little town. not much to do there cant really swim at this beach

  4. Hi Jerry and Lori, i sure do love your video and will get in touch with you from your Facebook. I do have several facebook so i am really happy that you made life a grateful retirement. i will be 65 in
    June 's birthday. I find u so wonderful and very grateful to your life……….we will see you soon……Namaste

  5. What is the big deal here? I can buy property in florida cheap. I bought a one Acer piece of land and mobile home in Crystal river fl for 35000. And only minutes from the beach. Why go all the way to Mexico for cheap living?

  6. There are some nice homes on the beach in Sayulita! I like it there. Wouldn’t mind owning something there.

  7. Foreigners cannot own property on the beaches in Mexico. They must get a long term lease. Lots of things to check out. It's not all so simple as you might think.

  8. 70,000 is a good price for a home.When I see home prices in Mexico around 137,000 or more those are USA prices in some states such as TEXAS,OKLAHOMA,TENNISEE etc.I'm sure property taxes are lower in Mexico.

  9. It is illegal for Americans to "own" a beach property. FACT. And the people secretly hate whites as they should.

  10. Video of topics given so much "verbal real estate" (like examples of low, med, higher priced homes) would be far more helpful than watching 2 people talk ABOUT it.

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