7 Commercial Real Estate Terms You Should Know

Discover 7 Commercial Real Estate Terms you should know if you plan to invest in commercial property at some point in your career. You’ll learn about the following terms in this video:
1. Net Operating Income (NOI)
2. Cash on Cash Return
3. Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate)
4. Debt Coverage Ratio
5. Price per Unit
6. Building Classification
7. Types of Leases
And the bonus term is “Relationships”

19 thoughts on “7 Commercial Real Estate Terms You Should Know”

  1. You are such a great teacher Peter. Excellent videos. I am a commercial real estate Broker and working on my CCIM. You are on point with everything and you are providing a wealth of information to viewers.

  2. Thank you so much for these excellent videos.
    Can you please make a video that talks about 1031 exchanges? In this video, can you please provide an example of someone who is 30 years old, who starts off with a 250,000 property, puts 50% down (125K mortgage), and then exchanges to a greater value property every 10 years, and repeats this until he is 60 years old? — including things like what each property will theoretically be worth after every 10 years if you force an increase in NOI, and also including the actual take-home income from each property after subtracting mortgage (50% of the property value) NOIs (using say a 8% cap rate) for each respective property.

  3. Thank you!!!! I'm working on a deal that sometimes feels a bit over my head but this was helpful and I'll be watching more of your videos.

  4. I thank you for taking the time to teach and help us to achieve freedom through real estate investing. I really enjoy all your lessons. Keep up your great work.

  5. This is great man! I think it should be "Duh Coverage Ratio" because if this isn't common sense to you, you have no business being in real estate lol…

    Great videos for free thanks!!

  6. I'm trying to get into this industry and your knowledge is invaluable to me, thank you so much for taking the time to share this content for free!

  7. I left this video feeling surprisignly happy. Peter, your positive attitude is contagious! Loved the insight, tone of voice and general atmosphere.. No wonder you are so successful

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