#6 – Real Estate Investing: Bank Loans For Multifamily Investment Property Deals

This video explains what the banks are looking at when assessing a bank loan for Residential vs Commercial multifamily properties.

14 thoughts on “#6 – Real Estate Investing: Bank Loans For Multifamily Investment Property Deals”

  1. Hello! I am a flat out beginner to say the least, I am currently 18 and I am looking into investing soon. First, I know I have to build a strong credit score, raise some capital at the very minimum. I have a couple of questions.

    1. Hypothetically speaking, If I plan on investing around lets say early 20's will the bank look at my age? Would that be a turn off for them? Lets say I do have at least 10k+ and good credit, I understand that they will look at my personal background such as jobs and etc. but will they be bias towards my age even though I have the money and credit score?

    2. What loans, if any, would I be able to pull out to help pay for costs of the property and we're talking about commercial properties here. Lets say a property costs 150k is there even a slight possibility of being able to pull a loan for that much, especially at such a young age? OR could I pull out a loan for just the down payment that the seller is asking and then work something out with them? is that even a viable option?

    Thanl you!

  2. If you simply want to get your rent paid on time and in full, we can help. Tenants on our program are required to pay their rent directly from their employer. This way, there is no chance of them mismanaging their finances or for any other mishaps to occur. If you want to hold your tenants accountable to their rent obligation, please contact us to see how we can help. Rentremedy(dotcom), 1-800-931-0449

  3. where can i find commercial properties other then loopnet? seems loopnet is overpriced or market priced like retail. i would imagine once you have multi million dollar properties, they tend to be for sale by owner to avoid tall fees

  4. Hi I love your channel and I love that me and other girls like me can see a woman who looks like us, be so financial literate and responsible as you are. Personally, I grew up with no examples of this! I just love it. (You'll probably see a few comments/ video requests from me) Can you please do a video on how you got your Duplex? I just bought a home without any financing, so I'm looking to take the income I make from renting it and getting a multi unit (I'm just not sure if I can get anything bigger than a duplex, it seems hard) Thanks so much!!

  5. I been having a hard time with banks. I'm trying to buy a duplex tomorrow. I want to get financing but I may just have to get it all cash. The banks seem to have a million excuses. By the time you capitulate to all of them you loose the deal. How do you get around obstacles like that?

  6. What if the building doesn't exist yet as in new construction? I want to build an apartment building with just small single studio apartments for singles to rent. These are extremely common in Europe and Asia and very important, but they don't exist in America.

  7. This is BP, So what is the best way to get started? Buying and renting, or Buying and selling? What will be the best way to start, owning property with a small amount of cash? Would you let me join your team? I'm a beginner real estate investor and a general contractor. I'm in Houston Pipers09@att.net..you have a lot of knowledgeand you're always so cool calm and collected, that's impressive. Thanks.

  8. Do have all the have all the units on your name or an LLC. Banks are telling me now since i have financed units on my name that it dosent count as income yet just debt.

  9. Thank you… I'm ready to take the RE investment journey. I have $6,000 to start. I don't know how to start as far as where to invest my $6k. I do know however I want to do multi-unites (duplex, triplex, and so forth). Thoughts?

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