5 Ways The Real Estate Industry Won’t Be The Same In The Future

The Digital Revolution is affecting many businesses, and real estate is no different. Let’s talk about how the real estate industry & real estate investing will be changing and what you can do to capitalize on it
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5 Ways The Real Estate Industry Won’t Be The Same In The Future
0:09 – The digital revolution is affecting many different businesses and industries
0:39 – The way we buy and sell real estate is changing with the need for real estate brokers declining
2:09 – Shopping will never be the same – retail stores will need to provide experiences to attract new customers
3:36 – The shift in where we live for residential real estate investing – millennials and older people want to work and live in urban cities not suburbs
4:57 – The way we office – the growth of entrepreneurship has led to more shared office spaces. That’s a big opportunity for real estate developers and real estate investors
6:00 – Real estate maintenance is changing with property managers using things like artificial intelligence
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What Is The Minority Mindset?
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18 thoughts on “5 Ways The Real Estate Industry Won’t Be The Same In The Future”

  1. I have my AP human geography exam tomorrow and this completely tied into my Urban unit with new urbanism and with development. Thank you.

  2. There’s houses over here in Oklahoma that are only 35-50k that have 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms in good condition is there a downside to these or are they great deals?

  3. Australia has had online Real Estate listings for many years. Real Estate agents are everywhere. You still want/ need someone to advertise, list, suggest prices, do the transaction paperwork, open the house for viewers, negotiate, etc etc. Most people simply don't want to take on all of that themselves. What will definitely change is % charged by agents. Its not hard to get an agent to accept approx. 2% commission. Less sometimes.

  4. What type of value do you envision realtors having to offer to be able to compete? Aside from omission cutting…

  5. There will be more renters then home owners due to college debt. AI is also making people jobless

  6. One change the future is bringing for real estate investing is decentralization and tokenization of assets with blockchain technology. What if everybody can be a real estate investor and make passive income? It will be possible once real estate property is tokenized. You can easily buy certain amount of tokens that represent the property and give you automatic passive income through smart contract to your own virtual wallet. How easy is that?

  7. Zillow is not accurate & use an AVM to price homes (automated valuation modual). Highly inaccurate

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