5 TIPS Buy or Rent Mexico Retirement Chapala, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Ajijic, Puerto Vallarta,

Mexico Q & A : retirement Community Lake Chapala Buy or Rent Mazatlan Cancun Mexico City Puerto Vallarta Mexico Home Ajijic Chapala Puerto Vallarta, , Mazatlan Cancun Mexico City Puerto Vallarta Mexico
It is like no other place in the world.
Is living in Lake Chapala right for you? Only you can answer that question. But thousands of Baby Boomers are discovering that, through Mexico retirement, their dollar buys more. In a setting of eternal spring, amid a culture that values the accumulated wisdom of each passing year, life can be good indeed
ajijic long term rentals are a popular way to read and get acquainted with the area at Lakeside. By looking on the Internet you can find properties title ajijic rentals by owner.
Lake chapala is another popular place to find rentals.
Selling property in mexico can be a challenge if you need to sell your property quickly but if you have time you will find the best results.
capital gains tax in mexico are not the same as they are in the United States and Canada so do your due diligence before purchasing the Property.
financing property in mexico typically you pay cash for a home.
mexico property prices
mexican real estate for sale are very popular for a resort lifestyle.
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We now have moved to Mexico and using Mexico is our home-base as we continue to travel around the world.
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homes for sale in lake chapala mexico
Rentals and Real estate agents in Ajijic & Chapala Area

Ajijic Rentals www.ajijicrentalsandmanagment.com ( Mirna Segura )

Coldwell Banker www.chapala.com ( Pati Lopez )

Access Lake Chapala www.accesslakechaoala.com

Hernandez Realty Group www.hernandezrg.com ( George )

Biencom International www.buychapala.com ( Carlos Valencia )

20 thoughts on “5 TIPS Buy or Rent Mexico Retirement Chapala, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Ajijic, Puerto Vallarta,”

  1. Jerry Barney again,
    you sent me an answer about Galvin rental—- I found a place to put my email address—- did that but have hear nothing— will you give(sp) ar non do my email address. abarney679@gmail.com please do that for me

  2. Thank you for responding to my questions. I have watched this video a few times. Get more useful hints out of it every time. Can not find Jim and carols blog.

  3. I understand to rent first to get to know the country but renting for 7 years first? Take this example. You rent a decent house for 1000dollar per month. Thats 12000 dollars in one year. And its 84000 dollars in 7 years. Now you have spent 84000 dollars and you own nothing. Now you buy, that means you basically have 84000dollars less to buy for. So I understand the concept of renting first. But you also have to consider the fact that you are depleting your buying power for when that time comes.

  4. Thanks for the advice Jerry and Jim. I will rent first. I do not want to manage a staff That is for sure. Good sensible interview.

  5. Great advice! I was planning on buying a house in Ajijic while on a 2-day trip to the area this upcoming January. Not any more. I'll be renting to get a better idea of which area/neighborhood is best for me.

  6. Thanks, Jerry. And Jim. It would be a shame to let being naive about the Lake Chapala / Ajijic area turn living in such a great place into a bad experience; thanks again to both of you. And to Lori for the camera work.

  7. I've heard other's say they pay much more for electricity. Do these low prices include air conditioning?

  8. Hi Jerry and Lori, I am wondering if so many people are moving to Ajijic within the past 9 months, that affordability is less now? I mean, are prices going up and what is the rate of poplulation growth? Also, what is the percentage of ex pats to the locals in Ajijic?
    Thank you,

  9. Hi Jerry and Lori, I enjoy your videos. I have a question. We have 4 dogs and desire enough elbow room from our neighbors that they will be less likely to be offended by dog noise. Are there areas you can suggest for housing with lot sizes that are not compacted together? Many of the properties i see online in Ajijic have tiny yards or common areas instead of yards. That would not work for our brood. Thank you!

  10. In Latino America anybody that can afford to pay a maid, a cook, a baby sitter, will have one; it is part of Latino America way of lije, tht the wife have some help around the house; I m glad that Americans hire a home helper, that way they are contributing to the country that have received them; a little money that will not hurt them to spend but that will make a difference to a Mexican family; in Latino America most professional people have maids and many of those maids have their own room in the household because they prefer to live in their work place

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