3 Pierrepont Place, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, New York

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“America isn’t known for its palaces, but if it were, this would be one,” Corcoran’s Vicki Negron so eloquently puts it. Take a journey through time in this historic Brooklyn Heights townhouse – you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn.

9 thoughts on “3 Pierrepont Place, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, New York”

  1. in some ways i think the price is too high but then in other ways not. i know this house but its split up into apartments but the bones are incredible so if i was a billionaire i would certainly consider it its totally unique and they dont build them like this

  2. I never got to see the inside of MY home. Always admired it from the outside since I was a young girl. Always Imagined me living there, but I heard (20yrs ago) the Jehovah's Witnesses bought it and turned it into a dorm. I guess not. I'm glad its not true

  3. Interesting property… One crazy project would be to buy both 2 and 3 Pierrepont Place and combine them to create a unique Brownstone Mansion family house. Brooklyn is really lovely…

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