15 Ways to Buy Property No Money Down – Real Estate Investing Training Video

http://www.localmentor.com Colorado Real estate investment expert, Michael Jake, teaches zero down investing techniques. Learn foreclosures, short sales, subject to, land contracts, owner financing and other creative real estate financing structures. Free Colorado real estate investing course teaches you how: http://www.localmentor.com

20 thoughts on “15 Ways to Buy Property No Money Down – Real Estate Investing Training Video”

  1. Hello I am interested in getting involved in Real estate but do not know which method I want to follow. I like the idea of sales without money. Yet I do not understand the different terms that you use and I am afraid that I may not understand the contracts or how to write contracts. Could you help me with this?

  2. Hi Michael so I see this video was in 2009. Does the same exit strategies work for 2016..well 2017 🙂 Also thanks for the video it was straight forward and clear. I would love you to mentor me. Mainly because you didn't try and sell me on anything. I will be happy to give you a percentage of my first couple of properties. I am filled with RE knowledge yet I'm nervous. Scared to death someone may say "yes sell my house". Success is my fear..failure is my comfort zone…if that make any sense.

  3. I have my eyes on a rental propery with 10 beds and 5 bath . I am looking for private lender and how do I know they're not spam ? what is the requirement?

  4. i want to buy a set of apartments to build african american wealth im even looking to build businesses for nigeria if anyone have leads investors or any other ideas let me know please my idea will go along way i just need leaders, folks with money and a counsel behind me thanks please help im willing to share with anyone with brains and wealth we gave to stick together folks

  5. first time buyers who are setting up to meet anyone of these options..prepare..plan……..pursue the target with action if execute..

  6. Too bad over half of the "15 ways" are not realistic for the common up and coming real estate investor. You have to be extremely we versed and know people to make any of this actually happen.

  7. All Cash, hard money 3rd party, lease option, subject to, etc. etc.
    All those sound great in theory but very difficult to find and do in reality.  

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