12 Reasons Why I Love Rental Properties

Why are rental properties so amazing? Here are 12 reasons why according to Brandon Turner, co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast!

(This is a Facebook Live recording from 2/14/17)


17 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why I Love Rental Properties”

  1. Hi Brandon, I love your show! I would like to buy my first property(ies) in 2018 but I have one problem… I am a US citizen but I have been living abroad for the past 3 years and will probably be here another 2 years. Can you do a show on remote closings and how an out of state investor can get started buying and renting properties if they are not available to see them? I'm sure there are many investors facing this same challenge of wanting to buy in a different state but not being able to take all of the time off work to constantly go back and forth… Especially if you want to buy multiple properties, like I do… I am working on finding a good agent and property manager in the Dallas area so I would count on the agent to view the properties. I use your mathematical formula to look at the numbers of the properties so I am confident that I can find good cash flowing properties just by running the numbers and having an agent I can trust. There are also photos on the MLS so with that and my agent attending the inspections, I would feel confident… I will probably move to Europe after where I am now so if I don't invest remotely, I'm not sure if I ever can…Would you recommend this? Do you have any advice?Thanks!

  2. Just found this informative video. Thank you so much for making this available. Micheline Kribs, Rolla,MO

  3. That's not really insider trading. The information is available publicly. For it to be insider trading, you would have to have heard it from someone within the company before it is available to the public.

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