10 reasons why to buy real estate in Thailand

Thailand real estate boom is about to be realized. Now with other Asian property markets over priced the next boom destination is Thailand. I believe Thailand to be the hottest property market in the world right now. Watch this video to find out why.

After seeing a VLOG by Harald Baldr entitled “5 reasons why not to buy condo in bangkok” it inspired me to make this VLOG and reply to Mr. Baldr. I believe strongly that Thailand is one of the best places in the world to live and own real estate.

Property in Bangkok and Pattaya is severely undervalued and underestimated. Join us and together we can ride the wave in to success with Thai real estate boom. Buy while prices are still low and buy into the next property market boom which is happening right now in Thailand.

20 thoughts on “10 reasons why to buy real estate in Thailand”

  1. The name of this channel is Property Club. It is no stretch to assume everything said in his videos comes with an agenda. The comment from James Barr, and others, pretty much says it all. The only time I've seen a purchase work is with a friend of mine who is well off and can afford to walk away from the $80 condo he purchased 10 years ago in BKK. He lives and works in southern California and spends half his time there and the other half here. He enjoys the convenience of having a place with all his things, so he doesn't have to drag a bunch of clothes and other items to Thailand every time he stays here. Not to mention it feels like home, because it is home. He was also smart to purchase a condo within a 5 minute walk to a planned BTS station. There was a risk the station would never get built, but it did and now his condo is worth a lot more than he paid. The biggest problem he had was getting someone to manage the property when he was away. A lot of these property management companies secretly use the properties they manage as short term rentals or simply don't do a proper job. If you are not going to live in your property full time this is a very real issue….not to be taken lightly. It took 5 years for my friend to eventually find a solution. In the mean time he was forced to rely on the kindness of friends to keep an eye on the place and manage any maintenance while he was out of country.

  2. This guy has no idea what he is talking about. Thai real estate is all over the place in quality. And right now there are thousands of empty and unfinished condos in Pattaya. This pushes prices down. Extremely difficult to get what you paid for a place back.

  3. like the vlog and agree 100%,i am saying exactly the same for the past 6 months to all here (Israel). I'll becoming towards end of the year myself to check, my intention is to buy3 to 4 high market condos min 2 to 3 bedrooms, my preference without checking yet is the capital Bangkok , because when the bubble bursts as was in the states and the E.U in 2008 and up till now , they were not effected in New York, London, Paris etc etc. But Pattaya especially Jometian area will boom like rockets in the next 4 years. In the west the E.U especially Berlin the opportunities are over completely now, the big boom in real estate is now in the far east especially in Thailand in my opinion, anyway like your vlogs keep the good work.

  4. Thais are superstitious and won't buy resale real estate, so your condo investment in LOS will never be recouped.

  5. Why would you want to buy property in a country that doesn't want you living there long term? Thailand visa laws are horrible. They do not want foreigners living in their country long term. Even if they give you a visa, whether marriage or retirement or a child parental visa it's only good for one year before it needs to be renewed and you will need to keep reporting to the immigration authorities every 3 months like you are some kind of criminal on bail. Other countries in Asia have much more welcoming and friendly visa laws. Even the far richer countries in North East Asia like Japan, S. Korea and even China have much more friendly visa laws, specially if you are married to one of their nationals.

  6. 1000+ reasons not to buy. You can buy a condo but cannot yor own land. Condos have problems, high maintenance costs and are not built to last. Also condos are often unsafe like no fire doors and the cheapest fixtures and fittings. Also Thais are clinically deaf and often play loud amplified noise. Like women.Rent. Bangkok is a filthy polluted place to live.Many better areas in Thailand.

  7. I thought you can't own properties in Thailand as a foreigner. I'm Asian American and I love investing in real estate.

  8. HA, i just commented on Baldrs video where he mentioned Thais are not poor!!!
    Nice vid bruv, we rent a condo down east and looking for the next move, to buy or build on the missus land. I would enjoy a upmarket condo in BKK.

  9. what are u even talking about?! poinltess video since u are not even allowed to own real estate as a foreigner.
    holy shit seems like u did a lot of research my friend …. or NOT.
    u need a thai to buy it and if u leave the country they can take over in no time if they wanna screw u up …

  10. I own 3 properties here, have a successful company and have been in Bangkok for 13years , 8% to 9% return, this guy is delusional.Oh and Thai workmanship is appalling, comparing the quality to Australian workmanship is so wrong on so many levels, they cut costs, source cheaper materials, dont finish work with integrity plus most of the workers are unskilled Cambodians, Burmese, northeastern Thais that work for next to nothing or havent you noticed? no 4 year apprenticeships with a certified tradesman here . Sorry mate but you have an agenda.But you are correct one thing , its a lot cheaper but thats about it..

  11. $114 a month in pattaya will get you a shit box, your looking at least $500 a month for condos this cunt is showing ,i was just there pricing up condos.

  12. The over supply of property here is enormous, good luck when it comes time to sell, you can't give some places away

  13. this video is so misleading as foreigners not allowed to buy anything under the draconian SE Asian rules and regulations..

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