1.4M baby boomers to hit real estate market in next 5 years

Phil Soper from Royal LePage discusses why 1.4 million baby boomers will be back in the real estate in the next 5 years.

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15 thoughts on “1.4M baby boomers to hit real estate market in next 5 years”

  1. I don't think so nobody is going to be buying homes for the next five years because the home prices keep going down . Big crush is coming.

  2. Great, now they'll compete with the immigrants and refugees driving housing and rent prices up. Millennials are screwed.

  3. You heard the lady: boomers will be purching real estate between now and 202023.

    So don't hold your breath millenials!

  4. inflation on our fiat currency has caused this ripple effect.
    back to the gold standard!
    bring worth back to the fruits of our labours.

  5. The housing market is only for foreigners immigrants and anyone who does not live in this country why help the Canadians that live in this country

  6. The majority of Canadians and single mothers keep their kids at home until whenever they feel like leaving and then when they leave they don't have a career or job and they're sucking off the system that aren't able to afford a house in fact incapable of buying a house

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